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Product Details

Thermojetics Original Herbal Concentrate

sku# 0105-A

Thermojetics Original Herbal Concentrate A refreshing and exhilarating herbal beverage for good health. Thermojetics Herbal Concentrate is a refreshing and exhilarating herbal beverage that combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern-day convenience. Blended from five fast-acting natural botanicals, it makes a perfectly delicious complement to your Thermojetics Green or Gold Weight-Management Program. Refreshment in an instant! Energizing beverage with meals, during exercise, anytime. An exhilarating beverage blended from five fast-acting natural botanicals. Perfectly delicious hot or cold. Complements your Thermojetics Weight-Management Program.

Use with Herbalife's ThermojeticsŪ Weight-Management Programs for weight loss or alone to boost your energy.

Size/Quantity SKU# Price
Original (1.8 oz. per unit) #0105 $19.95
Original (3.5 oz. per unit) #0106 $34.95
Original (15 packets per unit) #0107 $34.95
Original (Kosher) (3.5 oz per unit) 0091 $34.95
Original (Kosher) (1.8 oz per unit) 0090 $19.95

Price - $19.95
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